Monday, November 8, 2010

Will a kid be the next tech person at your office?

There was a fascinating blog entry on the other day ("When the Tech Guy Is 13 (or Even 10)" By DAVID H. FREEDMAN) Of course, as a middle school educator, I was not at all surprised by Mr. Freedman's question "Can a kid help run the computers and applications that are close to the guts of your business?" Mr. Freedman says "maybe," while I say yes. We all know some 12 year old who has the technological savvy of a young Bill Gates. Remember, Bill Gates was a whiz coder at Lakeside School in Seattle, an independent school, when he was 14.

So it's not so incredible to think of students as problem solvers when it comes to tech. Perhaps a school's tech department should think the same the next time the wireless goes down...


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