Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Follow up to Race to Nowhere

We had an amazing draw for the screening of "Race to Nowhere" last week at the Palace Theater. The folks at the Palace estimated close to 400 people. Our post-movie panel did a great job fielding questions and concerns from the audience too. The following day, Dewey Meyers PhD, MD from the panel and myself went on WCNY TV with our panel moderator George Kilpatrick for CNY Central Issues. The conversation was broadcast that night. Needless to say, people in CNY want to talk about education and what makes a good education for their children.

So what's next? What does MPH do next to keep this conversation going and to take a leadership role? I heard from parents, teachers and students this week during conferences and at the supermarket who want to investigate and engage in this dialogue now more than ever.

I have an idea on how we can facilitate this community need: put together another event, sponsored by MPH, showcasing our commitment to 21st Century learning, to innovative teaching, and to helping students grow up to be capable performers. In the new year, MPH should design a weekend around this idea, where we can showcase what we do, have speakers discuss the importance 21st Century learning and define what 21st Century learning actually "is." Can if happen? I think so. We have already started the discussions here...and this a why MPH is such a great place to work - and to send your kids to school. What other Pk - 12 school in CNY is willing to embrace the life of the mind with such conviction and curiosity? I love it.



alexragone said...

Jim, Love the concept. I look forward to seeing it come together! Alex

Jim Eagen said...

May want your insight, Alex. I think is essential we, ind. schools, start to demonstrate leadership in this area.