Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Lesson in innovation for the start of the school year

This year, the Middle School's theme is collaborative innovation. Faculty will be working with others to come up with new approaches to teaching core concepts in and out of the classroom. According to thinker and writer Dan Pink, Colorado math teacher Karl Fisch is taking a new approach to something old, "and in the process, he’s offering a lesson in innovation for organisations of every kind." According to Pink, Fisch returned from the summer to his classroom to teach an algebra course to 9th and 10th graders. However, instead of lecturing about polynomials and exponents during class time – and then giving his young charges 30 problems to work on at home – Fisch flipped the sequence. He’s recorded his lectures on video and uploaded them to YouTube for his 28 students to watch at home. Then, in class, he works with students as they solve problems and experiment with the concepts. Lectures at night, “homework” during the day. Read more from Pink below - you may have to cut and paste the link into your browser:

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