Monday, November 24, 2008

Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen: a work that independent schools need to consider...

From an independent school listserve - "Clayton Christensen is arguably the world's foremost expert on the impact that disruptive innovation can have on existing organizations. In Disrupting Class Christensen (and co-authors Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson) present a compelling case that within 10 years 50% of the courses secondary-school students take will be computer delivered, and that by
2024 80% of courses will be taught online. These courses, according to Christensen, will provide customization that takes into account different intelligences and different learning styles. If Christensen's theory is correct -and there is a distinct possibility that it is- then our schools are likely to undergo huge transformative changes over the next 15 years."

What is the impact of this theory on MPH?

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